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IRICOOK ® - The pleasure of baking

Gamme de papier cuisson IRICOOK

IRICOOK ®, and baking became a real pleasure

We have developed IRICOOK ® : a range of high-tech double sided silicone greaseproof paper.

Here are the 6 reasons that makes it stands out :


IRICOOK ® is biodegradable and compostable. It is manufactured with FSC and PEFC certified pulp, which guarantees good forest management.

FSC certification for IRICOOK® baking paper
PEFC certification for IRICOOK® baking paper


Double sided silicone greaseproof paper which can be used several times (number of  cooking cycles depends on the type of use).


Food contact certifications BFR 36/2 (European standard for papers used for cooking purposes), FDA (Food and Drugs Administration - standard for North America) and Kosher + Passover.

BFR 36/2 certification for IRICOOK® baking paper
Food and Drug Administration certification for IRICOOK®
Kosher + Passover certification for IRICOOK® baking paper


Designed for all types of industrial, artisanal and home cooking.


Preserves the product’s quality and taste.


Using IRICOOK ® is simple, fast and reduces costs: you do not need to grease the two non- stick sides, and the moulds and trays require little cleaning.

IRICOOK ® - Packaging

ROLL  Conditionnement papier cuisson IRICOOK en bobine

For converters : IRICOOK ® is well suited for cutting to size, automatic or manual packing in cartons, and the manufacture of rolls for consumer use.
For agri-food industrials:  IRICOOK ® was developed for protecting and cooking domestic doughs and pastry for manufacturers of frozen products, pizzas, pastries and pre-cooked dishes where greaseproof paper is used.

DISPENSER CARTON & REAM  Conditionnement du papier cuisson IRICOOK en boite distributrice et rame, développé par les Papeteries de Vizille

For distributors  : IRICOOK ® is a proof of quality to ensure your client’s satisfaction, whether they are industrial or artisanal bakers, caterers or restaurateurs.


IRICOOK ® baking paper comes in two different colors : white or natural.

Coloris disponibles pour le papier cuisson IRICOOK

You also have the opportunity to choose between two different grammage : 39 and 41 gsm (US: 24 and 24 LBS)