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Printing papers

Other printing papers

We work in the top-of-the-range graphic and creative sectors.

We offer a variety of papers suitable for your printing or processing requirements.

Papers for top-of-the-range diaries

Our range is specially devised for producing top-of-the-range diaries and ensures you achieve excellent productivity.

The silky feel, their printability properties and high opacity will enable you to produce diaries that will be appreciated by their business (for their corporate communication) and general public users.

  • Weights: 50–250 gsm.
  • Shades: white, ivory, cream.

Extra-strong watermarked papers

Traditionally, watermarked papers were used for corporate communication. Our paper has moved with the times to adapt to modern printing techniques (pre-print, digital).

Its high whiteness and very good sheet formation are the qualities that are very popular with users.

We hold permanent stocks of some items to guarantee fast delivery.

  • Standard weights : S64 and 80 gsm.

Pigmented papers

We offer a range of pigmented papers suitable for offset and also digital printing to guarantee optimised printing results.

To round off this range, we have created a specific paper quality for producing pharmaceutical inserts with improved opacity and folding properties.

  • Range of weights : 50–250 gsm.
  • Shades : white, ivory, gold.

Laid papers

We have acquired know-how in manufacturing watermarked papers and applied it to our range of laid papers.

Shades, texture and marking make a paper especially suitable for corporate communication and also for luxury publishing and label making.

  • Range of weights : 50–250 gsm.
  • Shades : white, natural, ivory, cream.

Offset and Offset preprint

Our range of Offset papers is used for high-quality printed documents and is also suitable for digital printing.

Its high whiteness and the variety of surface finishes (satin-finished on request) make it a versatile substrate.

  • Range of weights : 50–250 gsm.
  • Shades : white, ivory and gold.