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Sustainable environnement


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Sustainable environnement

Sustainable environnement

Sustainable environnement

An environmental commitment

Sac factory environment Papeteries de Vizille. Surroundings

As Vizille paper mills is set in a breathtaking natural site, the company cherishes this fortunate link with nature by doing everything in its powers to save energy and protect the environment for generations to come.

Firstly, Vizille paper mills has implemented a policy to reduce the amount of waste it releases into the natural environment. Thus all the aqueous effluents used in the papermaking and sack making processes are treated by its own physical and chemical treatment plant prior to release.

Secondly, Vizille paper mills self-generates part of its electricity using hydraulic turbines. 

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Vizille Paper mill has made a commitment on the origin of its products that are covered by obtaining PEFC and FSC® certification that guarantees that the raw materials the company uses are sourced from regulated resources that operate sustainable forest management.

The label certifies that at least 70% of a wood-based product is produced from timber from forests that meet the recommendations of the national and regional PEFC bodies. 

The biomass heating plant

Vicat, with the help of Cofely, of the GDF-SUEZ group, is committing to biomass to generate process steam on its Papeteries de Vizille site.

Because the CO2 released by bioenergy combustion equates to the CO2 absorbed by the plants during their growth, biomass is an energy source that helps combat global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

This new heating plant will replace the current installation (a 13-MW heavy fuel oil-fired boiler) to supply all the site’s process steam requirements and will avoid the release of 18 000 tonnes of CO2 per annum by using this energy.

This investment follows on from the actions that Vicat has taken to improve steam cost management in the international context of volatile fossil energy prices, by making energy cost-savings, the need for a strong environmental impact-reducing measures and reducing CO2 emissions