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Sack activity

Sacks activity

Sack roll Vizille Sack Activity

To each customer his own sack and let each sack contribute to suitable, steady production. We come out on site to meet you to assess your needs then jointly draw up your sack specification for the sacks that will run on your sack filling lines.

We manufacture 80 million sacks per annum in France for industrial markets such as construction (cement, coating, plaster, pre-mix, etc.), chemicals, mineral, seeds, food for human consumption (sugar, flour, potatoes, etc.) and animal feed.

Our manufacturing lines are fully-automated from printing to palletization for fast throughput.

Our raw materials sourcing independence sets us apart from other sack manufacturers and explains our approach. We seek to diversify our kraft supply sources and offer a variety of streamlined, technical paper solutions to meet your requirements. 

The environmental challenges

Sac factory environment

We are fully committed to the environment when it comes to the origin of our materials and the environmental impacts of our activity

Accordingly we use PEFC-certified papers.

We use water-based inks to avoid the presence of solvents, and also vegetable-based glues.

We use papers that are guaranteed “food contact grade” to manufacture our sacks and we can provide you with the relevant food contact certificates.

The site has its own effluent treatment plant that treats all our effluents.

We have calculated the carbon footprint of our paper sacks.

We have joined the REPASACK system that guarantees the sacks are recycled in accordance with German statutory requirements.

The environmental footprint is thus reduced to the minimum.


The Sacks division is covered by the ISO 9001 standard

To find out more about certification and the ISO 9001 standard see our quality commitment.