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Sacks products

Our sack ranges

Open-mouth sacks Handle sack

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Types of sacks we manufacture

  • Medium- and high-capacity sacks
  • Valve sacks
  • Open-mouth sacks
  • Handle sacks
  • Quick-opening sacks

Final applications

  • Powdered product sacks for the building trade (cement, plasters, pre-mix, glues, coatings, etc.)
  • Sacks for chemicals (powders, emulsion, resins, pellets, etc.)
  • Sacks for minerals (sand and silica, clay, kaolin, powder, pellets, oxides, etc.)
  • Sacks of food for human consumption (flour, semolina, additives, sugar, etc.)
  • Sacks of animal feed
  • Sacks of seeds
  • Refuse sacks
  • Miscellaneous sacks (charcoal, pellets and wood chip, etc.)

Sack formats

  • 30–60 cm wide
  • 40–116 cm long
  • 9–16 cm deep


  • Kraft paper qualities: ecru, white, semi-extensible, high porosity, machine-glazed, high-performance papers, high tensile strength, (120 kraft paper specifications)
  • Plastic films:  high and low density polyethylene, 8–20 microns

Graphic printing

  • Flexography
  • Automated inking system


  • Customised design
  • Automated robotic palletizers
  • Automated wrapping and strapping
  • Sacks on rolls or pallets
  • Sacks in tied packs for sack filler to robotic palletizer

Special devices

  • All types of technical valve (polyvalves, heat-sealable, ultrasound welding, etc.)
  • Easy-opening strip base
  • Non-slip treatment
  • Base with handle
  • Repulpable sacks
  • Biodegradable sacks with film
  • WS (wet strength), damp-resistant 

Our service quality

Prompt Vicat Sack Sack

We can provide the right response to the Paper Sack market thanks to our organisation and flexibility.

Our dedicated, single sales administration organisation efficiently follows up your orders we offer associated services such as:

Stock call off and continuity,

If requested to do so, we can create buffer stocks. We will inform you of the stock availability regularly and deliver only when you call off stock (within 48–72 hrs).

Technical visits

To cater for your specific bagging line constraints.

Fine tuning when trialling our sacks.

For cost rationalisation and optimisation programmes.


Quotations and bid submissions to tenders

The sales department is on hand to provide you with quotations for all your sack ranges and come up with cost optimisation and cost-saving programme proposals.

Aid with creative artwork

We offer you two options for sack artwork:

  • adherence to and reproduction of your graphic charters
  • we make creative proposals for your graphics (you will be asked to approve by presenting an OK to print voucher on a full size sample.)


We can cater for your specific site delivery demands (truck type, goods inwards reception times, traffic regulations, etc.) and also offer express deliveries.

Sacks packed on pallets to suit your storage amenities and any requirements you may have for mechanized sack filling (pallet heights, plastic or paper packaging, floor or rack storage).