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Greaseproof papers and boards for food packaging

IRIPACK, greaseproof food-grade papers and cartons

U-trays made using IRIPACK LST 190G

Our IRIPACK papers, developed using a range of single-material papers and boards, act as grease barriers and all comply with the BFR 36 and BFR 36/2 recommendations that guarantee their safety in contact with food.
Our paper can be, on request, certified PEFC and FSC®

Our greaseproof papers and boards are certified CASHER.

Our substrates are manufactured using environmentally-friendly 100% pure virgin fibres, which enhances waste management.

Many benefits are to be gained, such as suitability for innovation, lower packaging weights and processing line productivity optimisation thanks to the highly technical quality of our papers and boards.

Treatments suitable for food-grade packaging


Grease resistance

Grease barrier treatments are incorporated at the surface or in the pulp to avoid grease migration to the packaging.

Several degrees of grease resistance are offered to suit your applications.

Resistance to temperature variations

From baking to freezing, our products retain all their properties. 

Release Properties

The formulation of our baking papers and boards cartons make the end products easy to turn out.

Wet strength

We develop wet-resistant substrates to cater for your applications.

Flavour protection

The raw materials used are selected to guarantee that food flavours are protected.

All our papers and boards are tested to meet EN standard 1230-2 that certifies that the absence of odour and other migration from the packaging substrate to the food.


Our papers and boards are formulated to optimise your manufacturing cycles. 

Main transformation types:

  • Liner, flute and micro flute for corrugated cardboard
  • Laminating on paper and flat cardboard
  • Folded stuck boxes, trays and U trays
  • Corrugated cup-cake liners
  • Bagging
  • Spiralling
  • Thermoforming
  • Manufacture of paper cones (ice-cream cornets)
  • Bases for iced cakes
  • Laminated items for paper, cardboard and film, PE extrusion applications and PET and coating applications

Standard grease resistance

IRIPACK FGC WS bags poultry Substrate for chocolate (IRIPACK LCP 185g)

IRIPACK® (FG): weights 30–70 gsm

  • Bags for fast food and other greasy food items
  • Corrugated cup-cake liners (chocolate, pastries)
  • Micro flutes (biscuits)
  • Packaging for chilled food (meats, cold cuts, cheeses)

 IRIPACK® LCP and IRIPACK CP: weights 80–400 gsm

  • Linerboard for protecting chocolate, sandwich biscuits, cakes, cereal bars
  • Packaging (bags, sachets or folded-glued boxes) for biscuits, pastries, chocolates, trays, u-trays...
  • Fast food and disposable tableware

Superior grease resistance

U-trays made using IRIPACK LST 190g Making up boxes out of corrugated board

IRIPACK® (FG): weights 30–70 gsm

  • Bags for fast food and other greasy food items
  • Corrugated cup-cake liners (chocolate, pastries)
  • Micro flutes (biscuits)
  • Packaging for chilled food (meats, cold cuts, cheeses)

IRIPACK® LST and IRIPACK ST: weights 80–400 gsm

  • Liner for corrugated boards
  • Packaging for biscuits, cakes, chocolate, pizzas, rice, etc.
  • Sachets
  • Linerboard for protecting cakes and chocolate bars, trays, U-trays
  • Fast food packaging
  • Disposable tableware

Superior grease resistance and extra release coating for ovenable applications


  • Industrial or artisanal baking of cakes, pastries, fancy pastries
  • Reheating pizzas, ready meals in conventional or microwave ovens

Non-treated substrates


  • Outer substrates for baking moulds


  • Meat, poultry and fish packaging For food conservation