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Secu-tec – papers for high security

SECU-TEC, High security paper

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Our range of SECU-TEC security papers draws on our extensive experience to match the never-ending needs for authentication, verification and anti-forgery demanded for many documents.

We can provide you with customised solutions based on our technical expertise to meet your security concerns.

We manufacture a wide choice of purpose-designed security papers – fluorescent fibres and watermarked papers guarantee authenticity, chemical reactions reveal attempts to forge documents, holographic strips prevent identical copying of an original document.

Watermarked security paper

watermarked security paper

Watermarks are the main security element and the hardest to reproduce. They can be customised as a simple, shaded or multi-tone watermark and cover the entire sheet, be centred, or even produced along a single strip.

  • Applications : such cheques, travellers cheques, certificates, tickets, and coupons.

Fluorescent fibres or particles-secured papers

Fluorescent fibres

Fibres that may or may not be visible to the naked eye are introduced into the paper and become fluorescent when passed under a UV light source. Different colours, fibre lengths and densities can be produced. The fibres can be replaced or supplemented by fluorescent dots.

  • Applications : such as cheques, certificates, coupons, gift vouchers, show admission tickets, stamps and tax stamps.

Hologram application

Hologram application

A hologram strip is applied on the paper’s surface. Its luminous effects are mainly used to authenticate products.

This product is used in applications such as certificates, visas and tickets.

Papers with instant verification feature

IV reaction with pen

The product is authenticated simply using a pen that produces a coloured reaction on the paper’s surface.

  • Applications : such as certificates, coupons, gift vouchers, show admission tickets, stamps and labels. 

Chemical sensitizes security paper

Savings book

A coloured reaction emerges on the paper’s surface when an attempt is made to forge a document using chemicals.

  • Applications : such as cheques, certificates and voucher-cheques.